About Us


Authentic Taste & Uncompromized Quality

Our name is counted amongst the eminent athlete food restaurants in Dubai. At Live’ly Express, we create fresh and natural homemade food. We bake our own bread daily and use the freshest ingredients in our sandwiches, salads, and dishes. Our desserts are renowned, some are new and some are long-time favorites, all made from healthy ingredients and prepared by passionate Chefs! We do not use additives or harmful preservatives. We do not do meal sleepovers; instead, we send all our leftovers to needy communities and local charities. Live’ly Express team welcome you home and is eager to serve you the healthiest and yummiest food in town! Thus, we are regarded as one of the trusted nutrition food restaurants in Dubai.

Salad Restaurants Healthy Live’ly Express is the brainchild of Live’ly Health and Nutrition Lounge and Live’ly Healthy Cuisine both established since 2005. Our recipes are all analyzed for calories, carbs and fat content. We only use fresh and healthy ingredients and our cooking methods follow international standards for healthy food preparation. Any item you choose from Live’ly Express menu is guaranteed to be wholesome, loaded with vitamins, low in unhealthy fat and sugars and full of flavors.
Diet Food Restaurant Dubai Warm Welcome We have teamed up with the best designers to bring out warmth and modernity in our interior design; our dine in team is a group of vibrant people with a passion to serve and a unique attention to detail. From our lively greeting to the comfortable seats and the eclectic décor you will sure look forward to your next visit every time!
Lively Express Menu Our Menu At Live’ly Express you can simply enjoy a cup of the finest coffee in town while browsing our scrumptious menu on the tab. Meet friends over for Breakfast and try our delectable selection of healthy croissant, pancakes, sandwiches, eggs dishes or our protein rich combinations for a post workout meal. For lunch you will be lost in translation; from that spicy Thai shrimp red curry to the baked salmon and quinoa or that juicy meat Shawarma with our all time favorite chocolate cheesecake, you will sure not understand how these can be made so delightfully healthy yet amazingly tasty!